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Westex™ Ultra Soft® Overview

Product Line Overview

Westex’s advanced Indura® Ultra Soft® line of flame resistant 88% cotton 12% high tenacitynylon fabrics, introduced in 1996, are guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment in either high temperature industrial or home washing procedures. The fabric is engineered to focus the excellent abrasion resistance of the nylon on the outer surface to enhance garment wear life, while the cotton fibres are focused towards the skin to optimise comfort.  In addition, Indura® Ultra Soft® fabrics are engineered to have an extremely soft feel to further enhance the superior comfort properties of cotton.  Indura® Ultra Soft® fabrics are fully flame resistant and the 12% nylon actually enhances the protective performance in some cases, such as an electric arc and flash fire exposures.

Wear Life

Ultra Soft® is expected to wear over 75% longer than 100% cotton fabrics in similar weights leading to an excellent value equation. Please note that additional wear life may not be realised in extreme wear situations including but not limited to welding and metals environments.

End Use Applications

Today, Ultra Soft® brand flame resistant fabrics are specified by thousands of end user companies in many different industries around the world.  With millions of garments in service worldwide, Ultra Soft® has a strong reputation for providing an excellent balance of protection, comfort and value. Guardian Safety use Ultra Soft® to produce garments for electric arc flash protection in electrical utilities and electrical maintenance, for protection from flash fire in the oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries and for the protection from molten ferrous metal splash in steel mills and foundries.  Ultra Soft® is also used in the military, wild land firefighting and tactical clothing applications.

Fabric Styles and Typical Garment Application

Ultra Soft® fabrics are available in a wide variety of fabric styles, weights and colours. The tables below contain a list of current Ultra Soft® styles. (Not all weights and colours are available ex stock Australia).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Garments should be discarded once exposed to an electric arc flash.