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Proban® Apparel

Personal Protective Products

Proban® flame retardant treated cotton offers clothing that is a lighter and cooler alternative for light to moderate welding and other areas that call for flame retardant protection.
Proban® fabric will char and self extinguish when it comes into contact with a flame or spark. There is no smouldering or afterglow therefore providing protection for the wearer. Unlike some synthetic fibre constructions, Proban® does not suffer from thermal shrinkage, melt or form a hole through which a flame could penetrate. There are no sticky residues that could adhere to the skin of the wearer compounding the severity of any potential burn injury.
This fabric meets the requirements of the following specifications;
EN531:1995 PARA 6.2.2 after 50 washes @ 75ºC
EN470:1995 PART 1 after 50 washes @ 75ºC
EN533:1997 Index 3 after 50 washes@ 75ºC